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Gas Installation

Commercial Oven installation Derby

DHC Heating offer an expert service for the commercial and industrial client in and around the Derby area. As seen from this image. The specialist team oversaw the installation of this huge industrial oven, in a local factory. Once installed…
Gas Installation

Factory boiler call out Derby

If this winter is going to be anything like last years, then the last thing you want is a boiler breakdown! Sometimes though, breakdowns are inevitable. Especially as many commercial boilers are often very old and extremely well used! The best…
Gas Installation

Commercial Boiler Check Derby

Already the dark nights are drawing in, and whilst it is still warm...we all know that winter and the cold is on its way. Is your boiler or heating system winter ready? This is your last chance to prepare your boiler or heating system for the…
Gas Installation

Commercial and Industrial Gas Engineers - Derby

DHC Heating have a team of expert gas engineers that service both the commercial and domestic sectors. Our trusted team have many years experience working in a wide range of demanding environments. DHC Heating understand the high priority of…
Gas Installation

Cool air blowers Derby

Cool air blowers and air conditioning is just another one of the many services that DHC Heating offer. As you can imagine these services have been in demand this July, with record temperatures making working conditions quite uncomfortable. DHC…
Gas Installation

Overhead Blowers Derby

As you will know, DHC Heating are the overhead heating specialist in Derby and the surrounding areas. However did you know, that our services also extend to blowers in general, such as cool air blowers and air conditioning? This last few weeks…