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Commercial Boiler Service and Repair

This morning we serviced a customer's old commercial Potterton boiler. It may be old but with a annual service from DHC Heating Ltd it works like a dream! DHC Heating Ltd are not affiliated to just one boiler manufacturer like some companies.…
Derby Overhead heaters

Catering Gas Services Derby

Gas is important to all customers, weather it is family home for heating and hot water or a business. None more so than a catering business, as after all loss of heat in a premises can be temporarily worked around with electric heaters. However…
Over head heating Derby Service

Overhead Heater Specialist East Midlands

Today of all days we were booking in to perform some planed maintenance on a factory's overhead heating system. This is a great time for the company to have this maintenance completed, as obviously the heating system is not needed at present.…
Derby Overhead heaters

Overhead Heater servicing Derby

This week we were called out to a local company in Derby to perform a full service of their overhead heating system. After a long hard winter now is a great time to perform any scheduled maintenance, and overhead heating systems require servicing…
Derby Overhead heaters

Domestic heating services Derby

This month sees the Domestic part of our company (DHC Heating Ltd) launch their new website www.dhc-heatingltd.co.uk DHC Heating Ltd have been offering a fantastic service in the Derby area for many years. Offering domestic customers the…
Derby Overhead heaters

Shop heating Derby

Don't get caught in the cold this winter! If you are a small business in the Derby area, you know how a broken boiler or faulty heating system can cause untold disruption to a business. DHC Commercial Gas services offer a responsive commercial…